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The official fb page of Traveler is – any other fb page is not authorized by Traveler

Traveler on iTunes  


Scott Jeffers – Vocals, Violin, Oud, Bouzouki, Cumbus

Tyler Mount – Guitars, Tenor Banjo, Sanshin

Mark Niemeyer – Upright Bass, Bass, Guitar

Jason Wiedman – Drum, Percussions, Doumbek, Davul

Traveler had the privilege of having outstanding musicians in their lineup throughout the years including cultural exchange collaborations with international musicians, especially in Turkey. 


ACOUSTIC TRAVELER ensemble – Captivating sound of violin, oud, Middle Eastern percussion along with ethnic instruments collected during Scott Jeffers’ journeys dominate the concerts. The compositions range from fiery through playful songs to tragic heart-wrenching ballads. inspired while traveling on the treks across the harsh deserts of Jordan and Egypt and across the contrasting landscape of the Emerald Isle, on the sand dunes of Morocco, at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in birdsong filled forests of Transylvania, in the rain forests of Malaysia; and touring the ancient amphitheaters in Turkey. A real magic of a Traveler concert is in the connection the band makes with the audience. Acoustic Traveler has been a returning favorite of the spectacular Las Noches de las Luminarias festival throughout December.


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TRAVELER, the ROCK BAND – The sound is an explosive fusion of world music and rock with dramatic and sweet melodies influenced by ethnic heritages from all over the World. Band leader and composer Scott Jeffers’ own Lebanese heritage and American upbringing has inspired his vision to blend elements of ancient ethnic music with rock. The Traveler concert is a multi-cultural emotionally intensive performance bringing Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Greek and Turkish musical heritages to stage; combining traditional ethnic instruments with all the power of a full blown rock band. The band has been a favorite headlining act at festivals throughout Canada, the US and Turkey.

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 SCOTT JEFFERS SOLO Concert – Scott plays his original compositions in the frame of a one-man world music show case performance. His music brings the people, the sounds, the sights, the smells and the landscape of faraway places intimately close. The solo concerts also feature compositions that are not heard anywhere else, and mesmerizing improvisations for violin.

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11 Responses to Band

  1. Steven Mittelbrunn

    Hi. I have become a huge fan after having seen you twice recently at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, once when you performed your concert and once during Las Luminarias. I purchased all three of your CDs and play your music frequently (you should hear the bass over two sub-woofers!). I already have dinner and show reservations at The Compound Grill on Jan 13th.

    Thank you for your music, your hard work, and your uplifting my soul. If you are accumulating an e-mail “fan” list, I would love to be on it. Thanks again.

    Steven Mittelbrunn

  2. Peri

    I have to agree with Steven – I was his “blonde” date at the Compound Grill on the 13th! I had never clapped so hard or stomped my boots so much. Your Music

  3. robyn fishburn

    i was at the fairbanks fair and i usually dont like instramentals but wow im a big country fan but i really loved your music. esp with all the different intraments. i use to play violin when i was younger 🙂

  4. Dave Arnold

    Saw these guys at the Tanana State Fair in Fairbanks Alaska. THEY TOTALLY ROCKED THE STAGE!!! Really enjoyed their energy and the music. Very different from the music I usually listen to; I bought all three of the CD they had available. My wife and I were invited to home they were staying at and was treated to an evening of improv music; the band dubbed me the “Fireman”; I kept the barrel fire going! Really enjoyed getting to see these guys off stage. Looking forward to your next show in our area! Thanks again guys!

  5. debra snider

    Ryan picone: I have been trying to get ahold of you for years just to see how you have been. Miss you!love always! Debbie jean snider 🙂

  6. mel

    How is skiing. Talked a few minutes at Carrs in Anchorage. Hope you make it back in Alaska. Be good. Got to go. Margie.

  7. Kathy Oles

    We had a most enjoyable experience watching the live performance last night at the Desert Botanical Garden of the Traveler. Lively entertainment with the most awesome instrumental music we’ve ever heard. We were so moved by their rendition of Emanuel and their own Christmas composition we bought thier Christmas CD. We plan on purchasing their other music from their web site as well. What an amazing night, full moon and awe inspiring music, Thank you for making our visit to Phoenix from the Napa Valley even more enjoyable! We hope you would consider a venue at the Napa Valley Opera House I’m sure it would be a sold out show, we’d be there for sure!

  8. Bob Davidson

    Just saw them again last night and if you have never seen them before, do it when you can. Amazing show, great performance!

  9. talyn

    LOVE you guys, saw you at desert ridge market place and wow! me being a teen, the type of music I am exposed to at school is all rap and dubstep, so you guys were a breath of fresh air! I will likely be attending your next concert ( this friday, tempe market place ) and will bring my guitar case, I would love to get some autographs on it! I hope to see you on iTunes top ten in the near future (:

    ps. you have some awesome band members, your bass player really stood out as well, sometimes the bass is lost over the rest of the band, however in your case he did an awesome job of adding to the song without taking away the authenticity of it all. oh and as a side note the solo game you guys played at the end of the concert was very entertaining.

    — TJ

  10. Kayte Wilkinson

    Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of cultures and your love of music at North country fair. Until next time.

  11. TNT

    I just heard you guys tonight at the Tempe marketplace! You guys are awesome! My brother and I have become instant fans! Best wishes!

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