2015 Malaysia -> AZ

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2015 Scott Jeffers’ Traveler Blog

Traveling the world to gather inspiration for the Traveler project.

Recorded in Malaysia – composed in Morocco My new song written in Morocco, influenced by the Sahara desert, the Atlas Mountains and Essaoira the Beach that Jimi Hendrix wrote Castle’s in the Sand at. this song was also written on that beach, but performed here at Cherating beach Malaysia (Morocco was published later in 2015 on Traveler’s Symphonia album)

Malaysia: Aug 15 – Aug 26

Aug 15 -> 20 Taman Negara

sirap bandung – I just discovered the most amazing drink here in Taman Negara Malaysia. It’s made with rose syrup… it’s so delicious! Kind of tastes like strawberry milk when you put way too much strawberry quick in it. I have a feeling it has a lot of calories in it. But as long as I don’t know that for a fact then I’m safe. Lol plus after over 4 hours of jungle trekking I could use the extra calories

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The things we do to entertain ourselves when lost in the Malaysia rain forest . . . Climbing rope vines is really hard on the hands, not recommended for violinists 

Aug 17

Turkish melody in the Malaysian rainforest

New Rainforest song performed in Taman Negara Malaysia.

The insects in the rainforest are so loud, sounds like a car alarm.

Aug 18 New composition at Lata Berkoh

Floating restaurant at Taman Negara Last night we performed on the floating restaurant, great crowd from Italy as well as the local Malaysians.

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Improvisation on the river – Taman Negara. 

Aug 20 – 21 Monkey Bistro in Chareting, Malaysia

Impromptu performance at Monkey Bistro in Chareting, Malaysia Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone”


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One thing I love about traveling with my violin is when the opportunity comes to perform in an exotic place and not knowing if the audience will like it. Malaysia

Aug 21-24 Tioman Island

View from my room on the beach on the Tioman island Malaysia

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Aug 23 Monitoring lizard

Monitor lizard Posted by Scott Jeffers Traveler on Sunday, August 23, 2015

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The running of the Baby Sea Turtles

Aug 25 Port Dickson Malaysia 

Here’s a new composition idea written here in Port Dickson Malaysia today.. (and Symphonia was born :), published later in 2015 on Traveler’s Symphonia album )



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