2016 – Scott Jeffers’ Travel Blog: UK -> Turkey

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2015 Scott Jeffers’ Traveler Blog

Traveling the world to gather inspiration for the Traveler project.

2016 Traveler Blog

2016 Overseas tour

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 UK  Turkey  Morocco  UK

9th Fethiye World Music Festival

Kaya Fest, Kayaköy

Cultural Festival, Salé

UK: Apr 24 – May 8

 Newhaven, Seaford, Friston forest, Seven Sisters, Beachy Head, Peacehaven

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Fethiye, Turkey: May 8 – May 23

 May 8th
Kadir Hürçağ Solakoğlu: he’s back 🙂

Ömer Köroğlu performs his poetry . . . with violin virtuoso Scott Jeffers in Fethiye – video on facebook

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Festival program preview

May 9thLand of Lights‘ Arts and Culture column by Anthony Gerard Cooke

Fethiye Times, (May 5th release): about the program of the Fethiye Festival by Jane Akatay www.fethiyetimes.com

a busy month for Fethiye’s arts & cultur…. (this link is not active at the moment . . . )


May 11th – Poetry Night: “I happen to be in the right place at the right time and was asked to perform at the poetry fest tonight. Awesome cool theater. It was a blast!”

if you know of video, share it please 🙂

Fethiye World Music Festival

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My Son Jon

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 May 13th – Kaya Fest, Kayaköy, Turkey

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May 18th: full house in Our House

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May 20th: Park Alya – ” I had the best show tonight! 102 people and I had there complete attention the whole show. . . The amazing thing is that so many of these people know all the words to my songs”

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May shows in Varil Bar – playing at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea

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May 21st: Kabak

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Flying away  . . . for now 🙂

Best plane ride ever, it’s practically empty. I sleep so good stretched out across 3 seats.


Morocco: May 24 ->

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