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2017 – Scott Jeffers’ Traveler Blog

Traveling the world to gather inspiration for the Traveler project.


Mutiny Tour: Conwy Pirate Weekend, Conwy Wales, May 27-28

Calico Jack – video by Apra Roberts

Castle violin jam – Conwy Castle, North Wales (facebook video)

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Castle jig #2 – Conwy, North Wales

Playing Violin at the ruins of Deganwy Castle North Wales in the rain. (facebook video)

May 30 – Driving through Wales today  . . . across England through Birmingham to London to Brighton today… 8 hours..uhg.. but the scenery was beautiful (facebook videos)

Driving adventure

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Jun 1 – Cheaper to by a bike than to rent.. riding up the coast today under the chalk cliffs on my new (used) Hybrid bike.

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Jun 16/17 – In the Trossachs – Loch Lomond

Scotland today . . .  purple rent a car and my bunkhouse that used to be an old church with a graveyard out front…. In the Trossachs, Scotland . . . Hiking the West Highland Way along the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond . . . Rob Roy’s Cave. . .After 7 hours of hiking getting hungry.. I hope there’s a grocery store around the next bend…  Found a cool haunted hotel on the path for only 25 bucks. That’s really cheap for Scotland. . . .Room with a view of the Loch

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flashback. . .2016 Aug 18. . .Scott sings Loch Lomond on Loch Lomond

Jun 18 – On the road to Killin, Scotland UK

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Staying in Oban today

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I finally have proof that the mysterious Highland Beast does in fact exist. As I was mountain biking on the Isle of Mull today, the hideous beast appeared before me. I’m lucky to have escaped with my life so I can report this encounter to mankind.. . .As I looked into the Beasts hideous eye I felt his evil burning my soul. I was able to distract it with some grass to keep it from chewing my cranium off with its ferocious razor sharp teeth.

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Jun 19 – Isle of Mull

Duart Castle Jig…. on the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Haggis anyone?

Jun 20 – Driving through the Highlands today where many scenes from the movie Highlander were said to be filmed.

Jun 20 – In Glencoe Scotland today.

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Jun 22 – The Crannog…Great place for a concert!

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My kayaking adventure on Loch Tay

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Jun 22 – Killin 

I found a cool decrepit deserted castle to compose a piece of music in. . . . I was getting ready to video the piece I wrote at the castle when it started to rain, so it never happened. – Killin. . .   the history here is brutal

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Jun 22 – Acharn 

Stone Circle violin improvisation at Acharn. Scotland

The stone circle


Jun 24 – Bike Tour in Scotland – Scotland has some great bike routes through the Highlands.

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The Wallace Monument

The Kelpies, Falkirk Scotland

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Jun 25 – Staying on a Scottish farm

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Jun 25 – Rainbow live at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow 

It was funny, there was about 30 guys to every 1 girl in the crowd , and most of them were about 50-60 years old. Lol. Strange how bands like Zeppelin and Queen generates new fans where rainbows fans are exactly the same ones they had from the 70s – Ronnie Romero. . . He was the highlight of the show. His voice was unstoppable, great range and tone and most importantly he has the gift of passion

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Mutiny Tour: Shipwreck Isle. Isle of Wight Pirate Festival, Shipwreck Isle, Ryde – Jul 2

“We have great music lined up on Sunday, and a special welcome to Scott Jeffers from Phoenix Arizona who will join in the fun. Scott has headlined major pirate festivals in the USA and performed all over the world. Superb line up of Pirate music. . . .”

Wight Life Images

Mutiny Tour: Hastings Pirate day – Jul 16

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Hastings Pirate day – Scott Jeffers & the Cannibal Drummers – Hastings, Sussex UK

 World Music – a Summer Celebration – Duke of Wellington, Jul 19

Simon Hibberd: A great night with a great entertainer. ,, that’s Rock & Roll man

photo: Simon Hibberd

At the cliffs of madness today. UK – Jul 25


Mutiny Tour: Matlock Bath Pirate Mutiny Fest – Aug 4-6

Gypsy Bird at Matlock

Dan England in 2018: “Favourite gig of last year the AMAZING Scott Jeffers Traveler at Mattock Bath Pirate Mutiny  Can’t wait to see him again ” . . .  John Turner “I’ve got this dudes album….he’s awesome”

Matlock bath Pirate Mutiny: “Scott Jeffers . Totally amazing beyond belief . . . This guy… well…. brilliance ”

Aug 13 – North Wales, Llanberis path . . . Hiking Snowdon in North Wales today

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Caernarfon Pirate Festival – Aug 12-13


Aug 25 – Hiking the coastal trail at Lands End Cornwall UK.

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Penzance Pirates on the Prom Fest – Aug 27

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Aug 28 – On Brighton Pier today….. cool drum set 

Last day in the UK… on my way to Phoenix tomorrow

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