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For many years now, Scott Jeffers travels the world to gather inspiration for the Traveler project. . . . here is Scott’s latest adventure 🙂

UK: May 30th – Jun 10th

At the Edge of the World . . .Riding on Green Fields

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Jun 1st – On the bike today

Jun 2nd – It seems I found the edge of the world.

Jun 5th – Closer and closer . . .


Jun 7th

Scott Jeffers posted: “In this picture there are 3 clues to where I am and the next 2 countries I will be in.”

Scott Jeffers: “In this picture there are 3 clues to where I am and the next 2 countries I will be in.”


Jun 18 – 19 . .  It is good to be back in the desert. . . Inside the Pyramid: It was inspiring. . . I composed a cool melody while I was sitting there.

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Jun 20: Memphis – Excavation & Selfie with Ramses

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Red Sea, Egypt

Jam session tonight in Dahab Egypt


Petra – Jul 7th


Jul 7th

July 7th: Scott Jeffers mini concert today in Petra Jordan . . “Performing in the ancient theater in Petra today. The audience was a bit dead..lol.” . . . & Petra by night: “I was stumbling on rocks but it is way better at night. I stayed till almost midnight there was nobody else there.”

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Today I set out for Wadi Mujib and of course got lost again. So I ended up taking a little road that led me across the Jordanian mountains. I only passed about 2 cars in 3 hours but I did pass plenty of wild camels. . . .I eventually ended up at the Dead Sea

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Dead Sea, Jordan

I eventually ended up at the Dead Sea …Found a cool little place to stay over looking the Dead Sea

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Here’s my black and white movie called….Lost in Jordan:

Driving up the coast of the Dead Sea in Jordan picking up a radio station from yonder country of Israel. Strange how American Radio plays the same songs over and over again, there are so many great songs by these artists but you won’t know that unless you have the album. It was a nice change that my favorite George Harrison song came on after listening to 3 weeks of Arabic music.


Back at the Roman theater in Amman. . . .Do you remember “Modaraj Romani” from the Onward Journey album?

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Here’s a taste of my new composition written today on the hotel roof with the ancient Roman theater across the street.

My grand entrance to the Great Roman Theater!

Concert for No One at the ancient Roman theater in Amman Jordan

“Going through airport security in Jordan. They ask me where I’m from and I say Arizona, and they say Haboob… guess the storm was epic! Your famous.”


Hastings Pirate Day – Hastings, UK – Jul 15th

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Mongolian Scottish Pirate fusion…Pipes of Pitlochry performed live by Scott Jeffers at Hastings Pirate Festival

Today’s festival in Hastings.. Thanks to the Cannibal Drummers for joining me on stage for the finale. Sussex, England

at the end of July

at the beach in the UK

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